Freestyle Judo – The way Judo ought to be


How To Join

Freestyle Judo is the freshest, boldest, and most popular innovation to the world of Judo in recent history.  Participating club leaders receive phone calls and email each day all asking “How do I join the International Freestyle Judo Alliance?”  This is how…



Rank Syllabus and Standards

The IFJA offers a conservative approach to earning rank in Kodokan Judo. Rank in Judo must be earned, not given, and the standards set forth in this syllabus are strict and intended to assist both Judo coaches and Judo students in a sincere study of Kodokan Judo.



Judo Black Belt Association

The Judo Black Belt Association (JBBA) of the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) was formed to provide fair, inexpensive and objective criteria for rank promotions for the supporters of “Judo, the way it ought to be” around the world.