International Freestyle Judo Alliance

The International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) is an alliance of international martial arts and sports organizations, yudanshakai, and independent clubs that are actively supporting and promoting Freestyle Judo around the world.

The IFJA is united by the common goal of restoring Judo back to the great and popular combat sport that it once was.

In the United States, Freestyle Judo tournaments are sponsored and sanctioned by AAU Judo.








Please help support these organizations by participating in their events, joining their clubs, clicking on their web links, and “Liking” their Facebook and social media sites.

  • Judo 4 All, Sophie Cox, Manchester, Great Britain
  • Judo Freestyle Italia, Nicola M. Gradassi, +39.380.4142933, Foligno, Italy
  • Accademia Arti Marziali, Nicola M. Gradassi, +39.380.4142933, Foligno, Italy
  • Judo Link, Lincoln Han, +39.340.2994300 or +1.619.523.9590, Gricignano D’Aversa, Italy
  • C.A.L.I. Academy of Martial Arts, Andy Barker, Yokosuka, Japan
  • Shinbukan, Serbian Budo Council, Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, +381., Serbia
  • Freestyle Judo South Africa Alliance, Alwyn Grobbelaar, +27 (0) 72.902.8233, South Africa
  • Ritoru Tatsu Judo Club, Alwyn Grobbelaar, +27 (0) 72.902.8233, South Africa
  • Gompers Judo, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, +1.323.241.4000, Los Angeles, California
  • Judo America, Gerald Lafon, +1.858.578.7748, San Diego, California
  • DC Judo, Terence McPartland, Washington, DC
  • Rocky Mountain Welcome Mat, Jarrod Fobes, +1.720.202.7857, Littleton, Colorado
  • Barry’s Jujutsu, Frank Barry, +1.913.638.5235, Ft Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Shingitai of Kansas, Jeff Owens, +1.913.579.8251, Gardner, Kansas
  • Lozano’s Welcome Mat, Mark Lozano, +1.816.405.2787, Mission, Kansas
  • Welcome Mat Elite, Derrick Darling, +1.816.456.5735, Prairie Village, Kansas
  • Wauconda Judo Club, Roxanne Miller, Carpentersville, Illinois
  • Yorkville Judo Club, Bob Corwin, +1.630.553.7228, Yorkville, Illinois
  • Ryoku Judo Club, Sergio Sanchez, +1.702.234.1165, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wayne County Center for the Martial Arts, Michael Antonides, +1.419.651.5228, Orrville, Ohio
  • Shingitai Jujitsu Association, John Saylor, +1.419.938.6089, Perrysville, Ohio
  • Recreational Judo of Oklahoma, Greg West, +1.405.779.8872, Norman, Oklahoma
  • OKC Judo & StandFast Judo-Wrestling, Mike Darter, +1.405.295.5836, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • University of Memphis Tiger Budo Club, Rob Thornton, +1.901.827.8808, Memphis, Tennessee

To have your club listed in our IFJA Web Ring, please post this list of club links dedicated to promoting Freestyle Judo to your own web site, and add your information. Reciprocation is key to mutual benefit and welfare.